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Family operated, for over 30 years - We treat customers like family.
Here's a small sample of how our customers feel about our Volvo repair & tune-up work, stop by our shop to see many more posted on our bulletin board. We are number one in Portland for Volvo Repair, Service, and Hi-Performance...and now we service Subaru too. VOL-Tech, celebrating 30 years of Volvo service.
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We have been going to Vol-tech for the last year and feel so fortunate to have found them. They are highly professional and know Volvo's. My car has 177000 miles on it, and I am sure it will have many more now that Vol-tech is on the job. They have great diagnostic skills and are reliable. They explain everything before they work on your car and their prices are fair and competitive. They also follow up to make sure that you are satisfy.
- Elaine F. 12/15/2011
My car is a complete mess and I've been burned in the past by other Volvo shops so I tend to let a lot of "little things" go with out repair. Sadly, the little thing that happened this week is the head light went out. Of course it's a safety concern so I set out to find a *sigh* auto repair shop...
After a lot of searching, I stumbled upon Vol-tech. Sam sorted my car right out in less than 10 mins, no appointment and no waiting. He looked through some of the small complaints I had and helped give me a good idea of what type of work could help my beater wagon run better. With a quick look at the fuses and tightening a bolt or 2, he helped make my heat work again and my car runs smoother with out frequent stalls! This is stuff that has kept me worried for months, things I thought would cost me hundreds to diagnose and fix were small fixes that made a big difference!
I'm really blown away by the way I was treated with respect and politeness. Let's face it, I'm a girl who knows nothing about cars and I feel that people have taken that to their advantage in the past. I'm really glad that I found a place with knowledgeable staff that I can trust to go above and beyond to get my car in shape.
I look forward to getting my car repaired and running better now that I know I don't have to worry about someone over charging me and breaking more than they fix. Thank you so much Volvo Tech!
- Mewford K. 10/12/2011
Solid group of guys who know Volvos. First brought my beloved 240 in years ago after I smashed the underside of my car on a curb. They fixed her within the hour and I never forgot their friendly service.
Fast forward to this past week when I reluctantly brought my car in. I knew she was in trouble and was prepared for them to tell me to shoot her but they went over her, told me what was immediate and had her back to me in one day.
When I came to get pick up, they had the hood up, showed me all the work, gave me some pointers and they were just honest, solid guys.
My 24 year old car runs like new-I'm so happy. Thanks, Vol-Tech!
- Venerable V. 3/24/2011
Just bought my first Volvo from a dealer. There was a red airbag light on and the dealer said that these guys could help me.
The minute I pull into their lot, my radiator blows. These guys helped me seal up my radiator (with a screw) and reset the red airbag light for me. They also gave my car a once over and checked some areas of concern with the v70s. They didn't ask for payment and were super cool. I will definitley go back when I need some service work.
- Rich O. 3/7/2011
Vol-tech rules so hard!!
I started taking my '94 turbo station wagon in there when I moved to Portland because it was the closest shop to my house. Turns out it's also the best!
Every time I take my baby in, they go far beyond the call of duty. They never pressure me into extra goodies and always work with my financial situation by finding used parts or teaching me how to do stuff. They're honest, hard working guys, and if you treat them with respect, you'll get it in return.
This last time, I took it in for a fuel pump and they fixed my sagging bumper without even mentioning it! You can tell these guys just love Volvos, and thanks to them, I'll be able to afford to keep mine running smoothly for a long time *knock on wood*
- Angela M. 6/18/2010
Five Star Google Reviews
Amazing. After a mechanic had my car for 8 days having no idea what was wrong and installing wrong parts these guys fixed me up in an afternoon and had me on my way. Thank you Voltech, you made my year.
- Ash 9/30/2011
These guys are the best! I haven't actually had a car worked on by them yet, but their customer service is impeccable and they've have been very helpful to my process of buying a used Volvo. If I end up purchasing one, these guys will be my new mechanics, for sure.
Liked: Great customer service!
- telepathic technology 9/23/2011
Great guys and reliable and practical service and advice.
- Georgielew 4/29/2011
The car broke down as we were heading to our show in Portland last summer. After a repair shop in Washington left us questioning our experience we decided to find someone who clearly knew Volvos. These guys are great. Not only were they thoroughly knowledgeable, they understood our tight budget. There was a laundry list of repairs to be done, but they prioritized them for us. We took care of what needed to be done to make the trek back to Ohio without spending any more than we had to. On top of all that one of the fellas in the shop offered to pay part of the repair in exchange for one of our t-shirts and a copy of our album. All in all, a really swell experience.
- Stately Mane 3/19/2011
Great Service, Value, Price I have been taking my '95 volvo 940 to Vol-Tech for a couple of years now. I have always been very happy with my service. They work with my budget, only doing what really needs to be done. I never feel any pressure at all to fix more than I can afford. I really trust these guys.
- Bridget 9/28/2009

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